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The Translators

There are fourteen translators in all, one for each story, each of whom provided an essay. I’ll simply list them here.

Gunilla Zedigh – translator of By Way of Introduction: The Tale of God’s Hands and author of The Opposite of Immaculate.

Sean Craig – translator of The Stranger and author of Essay on Translating Der Fremde Mann.

Stefan White – translator of Why the benevolent God wants there to be poor people and author of “What a splendid art. And what a sad profession.”.

Karen Haydon – translator of How betrayal came to Russia and author of The Art and Challenge of Translation.

Walter Köppe – translator of How old Timofej died singing and author of Translating Rilke – an approach.

Gert Sass – translator of The Song of Justice and author of Translating Inaccessible Silence.

Linda Gaus – translator of A Scene from the Venetian Ghetto and author of Trapped in a Bubble of Language?.

Therese Eglseder – translator of About One Who Eavesdrops On The Stones and author of A Stony Way Full Of Stumbling Blocks.

Tessa Sachse – translator of How the thimble came to be God and author of Reconciling Twain, Rilke and the German language.

Emily Williams – translator of A Tale of Death and a Strange Postscript to It and author of With Respect to the Author, from the Translator.

Chris Michalski – translator of An Organization Called Forth by an Urgent Need and author of Translating Another Rilke.

Rebecca Lavnick – translator of The Beggar and the Proud Maiden and author of Translating “The Beggar and the Proud Maiden”.

Katarina Peters – translator of A Tale told to the Dark and author of Reflections on Rilke’s Fascination with the Dark.

Neil Williamson – translator of Addendum: A letter from lame Ewald and author of Translator’s notes on Ein Brief des lahmen Ewald.

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