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Gunilla Zedigh

Gunilla Zedigh

Gunilla Zedigh

Gunilla Zedigh was born in Rostock, Germany in 1973. She and her mother were able to leave the former East Germany for Sweden to live with her Swedish father after the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (1975). At the age of two, the company that her father worked for transferred him to Washington State, where she grew up together with her younger sister, attending grade school through university in Seattle.

A gifted pianist and musician, she took piano lessons and participated in piano competitions up until her university years. Ms. Zedigh graduated from the University of Washington in 1994 with an Honors in Sociology, and then went on to study Amerikanistik and Skandinavistik at the University of Hamburg, where her family had made its new home.

An avid and passionate reader of books in German, her favorites to date include Stiller by Max Frisch, Die Wand by Marlen Haushofer, Die Große Liebe by Hans-Josef Ortheil, Selina by Walter Kappacher, Der verschlossene Garten by Undine Gruenter, as well as the poetry of Heinrich Heine, Georg Trakl, Ingeborg Bachmann, and, of course, Rainer Maria Rilke.

Gunilla currently divides her time between the Baltic Sea and the Italian Alps, where she enjoys spending time with her family, her boyfriend and her red Somali cat, Polzerino.

Gunilla maintains a profile on She can be reached directly via email.

1 thought on “Gunilla Zedigh”

  1. May u have the happiest birthday, gunilla! Fond memories of you and annie under my dining room table which was draped like a tent with a sheet. The two of you were charting your future professions as pianists. I listened in and was delighted. Ludmilla has retired to baltimore to be near her grandchildren but seems lonely and unhappy. She DOES NOT have a piano! Can you imagine? Alex passed away 2 years ago. She loved the two of you and i wish there was some way i could ease her life and bring her a smile. Loving you beautiful girl.
    How are your mom and dad and is jenny as full of mischief as she was as a little critter?are they living in the italian alps or on the baltic?

    Best wishes to all!
    Linda and annie, gene, and johnny

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