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Rebecca Lavnick

Rebecca Lavnick’s focal interest in life has been based around the observation and analysis of human and animal behaviour. Stemming from an international community in the city of Vienna, Austria, she moved to London in 1992 in search of her British roots and consequently gained a B.Sc. in Psychology and German and certificate in Business and Secretarial Studies. Rebecca has a deep interest in the Arts and creative and healing processes, on both a personal as well as a global level. She has spent many years practising yoga and meditation, with particular respect to world religions and the environment. Rebecca has been a successful freelance translator for six years and would, in future, like to concentrate fully upon her second vocation of writing, hoping to publish her first biographical journal in 2009. She has now returned to Vienna and lives there with her partner and two dogs.

Rebecca maintains several profile pages, including, Translators Cafe and TRADUguide. She can be reached directly via email.

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