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The Essays

In addition to each of the fourteen stories, each translator has provided companion essay focusing on the art of translation and how each goes about it. Each essay, of course, draws from the story which you would have just read. I’ll simply list them here.

The Opposite of Immaculate by Gunilla Zedigh, translator of By Way of Introduction: The Tale of God’s Hands.

Essay on Translating Der Fremde Mann by Sean Craig, translator of The Stranger.

“What a splendid art. And what a sad profession.” by Stefan White, translator of Why the benevolent God wants there to be poor people.

The Art and Challenge of Translation by Karen Haydon, translator of How betrayal came to Russia.

Translating Rilke – an approach by Walter Köppe, translator of How old Timofej died singing.

Translating Inaccessible Silence by Gert Sass, translator of The Song of Justice.

Trapped in a Bubble of Language? by Linda Gaus, translator of A Scene from the Venetian Ghetto.

A Stony Way Full Of Stumbling Blocks by Therese Eglseder, translator of About One Who Eavesdrops On The Stones.

Reconciling Twain, Rilke and the German language by Tessa Sachse, translator of How the thimble came to be God.

With Respect to the Author, from the Translator by Emily Williams, translator of A Tale of Death and a Strange Postscript to It.

Translating Another Rilke by Chris Michalski, translator of An Organization Called Forth by an Urgent Need.

Translating “The Beggar and the Proud Maiden” by Rebecca Lavnick, translator of The Beggar and the Proud Maiden.

Reflections on Rilke’s Fascination with the Dark by Katarina Peters, translator of A Tale told to the Dark.

Translator’s notes on Ein Brief des lahmen Ewald by Neil Williamson, translator of Addendum: A letter from lame Ewald.

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